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Cafe and Restaurants

Restaurant "Blackwood"

Address:  Bolshaya Nizegorodskaya, 11

Tel:  (4922) 32 37 77

Working hours:  12:00-24:00 (Sunday-Thursday) 12:00-02:00(Friday-Saturday)



The English restaurant with the Russian character: friendly atmosphere, original kitchen and, of course, beer.

Restaurant "Adam and Eva"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 5

Tel:  (4922) 47 47 15

Working hours:  12:00-23:00



"Tokio" sushi bar

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya St., 16

Tel:  +7 (4922) 60-30-10

Working hours:  Sn. - Thu. 12:00 - 24:00; Fr., Sat. 12 :00- 2:00

Rate:  $17-$33



Japanese cuisine.

"Oblomov" restaurant

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya St., 19

Tel:  +7(4922) 32-68-18

Working hours:  12:00 - until the last customer leaves

Rate:  app. $ 100



European and Russian cuisine. The restaurant is located right in the centre of Vladimir city.

"Elki-palki" restaurant

Address:  Razina St., 21

Tel:  +7 (4922) 44-33-73

Working hours:  11:00–23:00

Rate:  $10-$13


Russian cuisine.

Restaurant "Burger"

Address:  Oktyabrski prospekt, 22A

Tel:  +7 (4922) 47-20-19

Working hours:  11:00 - 24:00, 11:00-02:00 (Friday-Saturday)

Rate:  $16-$33

Web-site:  www.бюргер.рф


Beer restaurant with German and European cuisine.

Restaurant "Aleksandriya"

Address:  Baturina, 33

Tel:  (4922) 33 07 94

Working hours:  12:00-23:00

Rate:  $16-$33


Opened in 2001 is considered one of the best restaurants in Vladimir City, the restaurant specializes in traditional Russian cuisine.

Restaurant "Hermitage"

Address:  Suzdalsky prospect, 11A

Tel:  (4922) 30 57 20 Hours of operation: 12pm – 12 am For booking tables and making orders call: 7 4922 30 57 20

Working hours:  12:00 to 24:00

Rate:  $10-15

Web-site:  www.ресторан-эрмитаж.рф


Russian traditional cuisine European and world national cuisine

Cafe "Lukomorie"

Address:  Gorkogo St.,40

Tel:  (4922) 36 17 56

Working hours:  12:00- 02:00

Rate:  $ 10 – 15


Cafe "Z-Club"

Address:  Dvorianskaya, 10

Tel:  (4922) 32 62 60, 42-12-41

Working hours:  12:00-24:00 (Sunday – Thursday), 12:00-24:00 (Friday – Saturday)

Rate:  $13.00-30.00



Located the city center.

Restaurant "Russkaya Derevnya"

Address:  Moskovskoe Shosse, 5-A

Tel:  (4922) 54 35 45

Working hours:  8:00 – 24:00

Rate:  $12.00-24.00



Located near the hotel "Russkaya Derevnya" in a picturesque pine-forest.


Restaurant "Vladimir"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 74

Tel:  (4922) 32 75 27, 32 73 02

Working hours:  12:00-24:00

Rate:  $11.00-24.00



Located in the hotel "Vladimir", the restaurant gives you a hearty welcome. You will be fascinated by the artistry of the Chef and Head Confectioner. At night guests can enjoy the dance show Rhythm. Throughout the year the restaurant can organize special holidays and entertainment programs.

Restaurant "Panorama"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 44 B

Tel:  (4922) 46-47-46

Working hours:  12:00 -03:00

Web-site:  www.панорама

One of the newest and most popular restaurants in the city,

Cafe "Sobornaya Ploschad"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 39

Tel:  (4922) 32 57 25

Working hours:  12:00-24:00 (Sunday – Thursday), 12:00-02:00 (Friday – Saturday)

Rate:  $7.00-15.00


Cafe located in the heart of the city on Cathedral Square, offers a wide range of Russian and European dishes.

Cafe "Pizza"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 14

Tel:  (4922) 32 27 90

Working hours:  10:00-23:00

Rate:  $8.00-24.00

Located not far from the Golden Gate in the center of the city

Cafe "Egoist"

Address:  Oktuabrskiy av., 36

Tel:  (4922) 44 77 64, 44 77 56

Working hours:  10:00-01:00

Rate:  $12.00-20.00



Situated not far from the historical center of Vladimir. The European, Japanese, Italian, Russian cuisine are presented in the menu of the cafe. more...

Cafe " Tysuacha i odna noch"

Address:  Bolshaya Nizegorodskaya, 32

Tel:  32 44 12

Working hours:  12:00-23:00

Cafe "Hinkalny dom na Dvorianskoy"

Address:  Dvorianskaya, 10

Tel:  (4922) 45 18 35

Working hours:  11:00-24:00 (Sunday-Thursday) 11:00-02:00(Friday-Saturday)


True dishes of Georgian cuisine are presented in the menu of the cafe.

Restaurant "Kaizer"

Address:  Krasnoselskiy proezd, 6

Tel:  (4922) 40 00 01

Working hours:  11:00-24:00 (Sunday-Thursday) 11:00-02:00(Friday-Saturday)



Kaiser — restaurant in the best German traditions.

Restaurant "Villa"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya 18

Tel:  (4922) 47 22 23

Working hours:  11:00-24:00 (Sunday-Thursday) 11:00-02:00(Friday-Saturday)



The restaurant is located in the center of Vladimir. The guests are offered a wide choice of dishes of the Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine, three spacious halls, VIP cabin, summer terrace.

Restaurant "Vania"

Address:  Sudogodskoe av.15

Tel:  (4922) 32 31 31

Working hours:  11:00-24:00 (Sunday-Thursday) 11:00-02:00(Friday-Saturday)



Dishes of the European, Asian, Indian, Mexican, European, Russian and Ukrainian cuisine are presented in the menu of Vania restaurant. The majority of dishes has the Low Fat badge that means that this dish is prepared according to modern laws of dietology.In the menu except the Low Fat badge, there are Veg badges - that means that the dish will be suitable for followers of vegetarianism and VH (Very Hot) - for thrill-seekers.

Cafe "Ugli"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya 10

Tel:  (4922) 42 06 88

Working hours:  11:00-24:00 (Sunday-Thursday) 11:00-02:00(Friday-Saturday)



The design interior of the cafe also as well as cuisine is devided into two parts - Caucasian and Italian.There are smoking and non-smoking halls in each part.

Cafe "Pizzeria Pipperoni"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 19A

Tel:  (4922) 45 16 59

Working hours:  12:00-24:00



Italian cuisine in ancient Vladimir. The main range of pizza is prapared on  recipies of northern regions of Italy.

Restaurant "Knuaz Vladimir"

Address:  Rastopchina, 1D

Tel:  (4922) 44 68 44, 44 68 67

Working hours:  12:00-24:00



Restaurant for 100 persons of Russian and European cuisine is an ideal place for weddings, anniversaries and other celebrations. The main difference is the restaurant's unique style of interior design and a high level of cooking.Summer terrace with Russian and Caucasian cuisine is opened during the warm season.

Restaurant "Bakalar"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 19A

Tel:  (4922) 32 73 32, 45-15-85

Working hours:  12:00-24:00



This restaurant is famous for well-known sorts of beer, the most tasty meat dishes, tremendous sausages, and also cheerful and cozy atmosphere.

Cafe " Karetny Dvor"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya, 10A

Tel:  (4922) 32 61 17

Working hours:  13:00-01:00


The cafe is located in the heart of the city of Vladimir, it is the embodiment of the Russian originality and hospitality. Only here it is possible to have a rest, having plunged into an era of imperial Russia of last centuries.

Restaurant "Barin"

Address:  Bolshaya Nizegorodskaya, 34B

Tel:  (4922) 47 11 61

Working hours:  12:00-24:00 (Sunday-Thursday) 12:00-01:00(Friday-Saturday)



Restaurant "Chesky Crumlov"

Address:  Studenaya Gora, 36A

Tel:  (4922) 47 22 02

Working hours:  07:30- 24:00

Web-site:  www.крумлов


Enjoy dishes of traditional Czech cuisine in the unique atmosphere and try the well-known Czech Beer!

Restaurant "Farfallina"

Address:  Susdalskiy av.8

Tel:  (4922) 44 63 34

Working hours:  12:00-23:00


The restaurant is specialized on the Mediterranean cousine: variety of types of paste, real thin Italian pizza, seafood dishes and fresh fish. Admirers of easten cousine will be able to estimate skillfully cooked sushi from the chief.One will appreciate fruit desserts.

Restaurant "U Zolotyh Vorot"

Address:  Bolshaya Moskovskaya 17

Tel:  (4922) 32 31 16

Working hours:  12:00-24:00

Web-site:  www.у-золотых-ворот.рф

Traditional Russian and European cuisine is presented at the restaurant. About 100 names of dishes are usually in the menu.

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