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Vladimir is stretched very picturesquely. The most ancient part of it is situated on the high, abrubt coast of the Klyazma river, where one can see over the river distances, stretching beyond the horizon the old-aged forests from Meschera till the most ancient Murom and the Oka river. It even takes the breath away looking at this boundless blue.

Vladimir Assumption Cathedral – is one of the most ancient shrines of our native land. It was build many centuries ago and is tightly connected with the foundation of Vladimir city. It was constructed in 1158. The ancient part of the Cathedral built in the time of Adrey Bogolubskiy, can be found nowadays in the central nave, under the dome. The whole interior is penetrated by light and the arches as they were floating in the air. In 1408 the temple was decorated by genius painters of ancient Russia Andrei Ryblev and Daniil Cherniy. Ryblev`s frescoes are the outstanding creations of ancient russian art, which reflected in its images an extraordinary uplift of russian people after the victory in Kulikovo pole battle. The iconostasis of the Cathedral is a three-layer construction of 20 meters hight, topped by bas-relief image of Savaof and eight angels.

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