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The monuments of history and architecture, museums and expositions.

The city of Vladimir is one of the oldest Russian cities, it has preserved a large number of monuments of ancient architecture. In the XII-XIII centuries Vladimir was the capital of the mighty Vladimir-Suzdal principality.

The historical center of Vladimir is an outstanding monument of the Russian architecture. The most important monuments from the XII to the XX century are concentrated here. A special place is taken by the unique monuments of white-stone architecture - The Golden gate, Uspensky and Dmitrievsky cathedrals, which were included into UNESCO's World Heritage List. Not far from the city, in the settlement of Bogolubovo, there is another Unesco's World Heritage object - world famous church Pokrova-na-Nerli. A group of unique architectural monuments of the Russian defensive and church architecture brings together the Vladimir-Suzdal historical-artistic and architectural Museum-Reserve, in charge of which there is a lot of museums, exhibitions and monuments.

Publicated: 04.05.2017 14:22:05